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Georgia is one of the few countries that has been able to carry through the ages and preserve its unique traditions and culture. Its history and color is what all Georgians are proud of without exception, and pass it from generation to generation. The whole world is talking about the legendary Georgian hospitality! Every local resident considers it his duty to please his guest and show his national culture in all its glory.

That is why Georgia is the country where the traveler wants to be not a tourist, but a guest ...

Just the local resident can show and tell you all about his lovely country. 

Let us show you places from a new, completely unexpected side.

We will organize a trip that will become one of the brightest impressions of your entire life!

1. Georgian flavor

You can see everything that shapes the unique national flavor of Georgia - the customs and traditions of the country, the characteristics of the people who live here

2. Traditional Georgian dinner

You will not just taste Georgian dishes - you will visit a traditional feast.

3. Homemade wine and chacha.

Not  just taste, but enjoy the full range of famous drinks prepared according to family recipes.

4. Toastmaster

The feast follows local rules and customs and is accompanied by classic Georgian toasts.

5. Travel and discover

You will re-discover even those places you were before 

6. Comfortable transport

7. Groups starting from 3 persons

8. All Inclusive!

You do not have to pay any additional fees, other than personal expenses

9. 24-hour free consultation.

We are your friend in Georgia, call any time 

10. We want not just show you Georgia, but to make you love it!