Vehicles of

A successful trip is a combination of various factors, like the professionalism of our team, the organization of the whole process and also our vehicles. 

A car park of BatumiFun contains vehicles for individual and group tours. We provide tours by sedans or SUVs (depend on terrains) for groups up to 4 persons, by minivans for groups up to 6 persons and by minibuses for groups up to 18 persons.

To make your trip safe and comfortable is very important for us. We also need to notice, that all our cars are left hand drive. The engine is powered by the fuel, so the air conditioning system is working without interruption. All the vehicles are regularly inspected. 

All our drivers are qualified, responsible, patient and always are ready to help and make everything possible to make our guests satisfied with the service. 

Good air conditioning system, comfortable seats and audio system with nice music make your trip mostly restful. 

Using our service, you will be surely satisfied with the quality of its realization. We will make your trip unforgettable.